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Animal Crossing New Horizons Review

Animal Crossing is a casual player’s dream game. And it is so unique in style it can only be described as an Animal crossing styled game. And New Horizons delivers that wonderfully calm and relaxing game play that existing fans absolutely adore.

Everything about this game is chill and I find myself having a good time even just sitting there and wandering around, not necessarily doing anything. It has this calming aura to it that sort of draws you into your little deserted island.

Starting Your Adventure in Animal Crossing

When you first load up Animal Crossing New horizons, Will be greeted by Timmy and Tommy who are selling you their Island getaway package, Here you will create your character, select your island layout from the 4 random selections, and embark on your new life.

Now I was a little sad when I wasn’t greeted by Rover, on the plane ride. Since in the previous titles he was the one greeting you in the start and helping you set up your game. But besides that, the game starts with you arriving on the island with two other islanders and meet Tom Nook. After some introductory missions for him, you get named the Residential Representative. And congratulations, you are technically the owner of an island. I mean you may not actually own the island legally, but you do everything there so it’s safe to call it yours.

Selling bugs to Flick.

Getting the Ball Rolling

It’s been a couple days, you got the hang of the controls. You’ve been given your mandatory 50,000 bell receipt for the phone you didn’t ask for and are now in debt to your friendly neighborhood Nook. Welcome to your goal throughout the game, you are now the workhorse of the island and need that sweet cash.

“But Mr. Reviewer, how do we get those bells?” You might ask. Well lucky for you, you already have a place to sell things for money. So lets get you started on becoming a Bell-ionaire. You could spend your time picking your native fruit from your island and selling it, or you could sell the weeds that you pick, but those are stable sources of income. You need something more lucrative. Get fruits that aren’t normally on your island and plant a couple of those for more expensive fruits to sell. Fossils are also a good source of money if you don’t care about the museum.

There are tons of ways to make money in Animal Crossing New Horizons like fishing, digging, and even just weeding. Go out and explore that island, and focus on enjoying your time in the game.

Listening to some music and relaxing in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

What Now?

From here you just keep building, Animal Crossing is about the journey, not the destination. And this is where Animal Crossing has its biggest issue, there is no central, over arching goal. If you are new to Animal Crossing, this is likely something you will have an issue with, but for anyone who already understands, this part isn’t important at all for you.

Like I said, This game is about the journey. Talking to villagers, building a community, and having fun with friends. This makes the game very niche and hard for people who are used to games with big stories and tons of action, to get into. And because of this, the game isn’t for everyone. I mean, why would I buy a new house extension if I’m just going to owe Tom Nook like 300,000 bells?

But this doesn’t make the game bad at all, in fact this adds to the game and works in its favor. Its one of the very few games that is fun to just be in, and thus if you enjoy the game, you will absolutely lose yourself in it. So go out, catch those bugs, talk to those villagers, mine those rocks for materials. You have a whole island to build, decorate, and gather materials to craft things.

It’s Getting Late

Now you’ve spent a couple of days in your island in Animal Crossing, got all your necessary tools and are working on decorating your island and improving it. Night time is around the corner and you’ve decided you don’t want to log off yet. That is entirely fine, but there are things you need to know.

Night time is host to a great deal of cool and unique things from it’s sunnier counterpart. New fish, New bugs, and shooting stars! Grab your fishing rod and catch those suckers for Blathers to put in the museum, or maybe you will sell them, I don’t judge. But I did say there were new bugs and of course you want to catch them for the same reason you want to fish. But not all of them are going to sit there and just be caught. And Arachnophobes will not like this one at all.

The Tarantula has made a return, and just like in the older Animal Crossing games, it will chase you and knock you out, but luckily this bug is fairly rare. And if you see one don’t worry, you can catch it with your net. On top of all this, these bugs sell for loads of bells so there is a business in doing this in addition to needing one for the museum.

But the night isn’t all full of horrors, There are shooting stars! Push your right analog stick up to zoom in and look up at the sky, and when a shooting star starts to streak by, hit the A button and something will appear on your beach the next day!

When you zoom in with the right analog stick, you can see the stars.

The Downsides

Animal Crossing New Horizons has very few issues and the issues that I found aren’t a giant deal. Menus are kind of slow and lengthy at times, crafting and re-crafting tools gets a little tiring, but isn’t a big issue for me as it gives me just that tiny bit more for me to do. There’s also the very small issue that it can be hard to aim at times with the net or shovel because of the camera’s angle, but you will adapt with time.

But Animal crossing has one major oversight that I hope they patch in. And that is we need the ability to craft multiple of the same thing. If I know I will need more than one crafted fence, I will have to sit there and mash the A button until I get everything I need. And in a game that now has me crafting everything I want, this can take a long time.

But ultimately this isn’t a massive deal as a couple of minutes in a game that can take days. But it will happen and it will be annoying when it happens.


Animal Crossing New Horizons is a very relaxing game that provides extreme amounts of fun and can suck up time faster than any game I have played outside of the series. And I cant even begin to talk about how much fun it is collecting every type of fish, bug, and fossil and complete the museum.

There is so much you can do yet the game keeps itself from being overbearing with all of that information, making the game infinitely more fun. If you are looking for a game that you can just sit with for long amounts of time, absolutely pick up that game. But if you need some type of direction or purpose to continue playing, maybe the game isn’t for you.

Nathan Lambias
Amateur Writer and Reviewer. I enjoy a wide variety of game genres but my favorites are First Person Shooters, Role-playing games, and occasionally Puzzle games.

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