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Battlesector-Small Scale 40k

Battlesector was developed by Black Lab Games, mostly known for Battlestar Galactica Deadlock. Published by Slitherine Ltd who own Warhammer Gladius. Battlesector released July 22nd, 2021 on Xbox one, Playstation 4, and PC.

What is Battlesector about?

Battlesector is a turn based strategy game where you have a set amount of units you select at the start of the mission and keep them all alive for the mission. Not only is your survival a priority but you have to push into the seemingly infinite Tyranid swarm in an effort to complete objectives. From the Hormagaunts, to the Tervigons, to the Hive Tyrants. All manner of monsters want a piece of your company of Space Marines.

You play as the Blood Angels and you are defending your homeworld from the invading Tyranid Swarm. With the new Primaris units, you may have a chance to cleanse the planet. But not all of the old Marines are happy with the new guys. Battlesector Covers the animosity between Primaris and original Space Marines.

Campaign Screen Battlesector
Battlesector’s Campaign Menu

Game Modes

There are three central game modes Story, Skirmish, and Multiplayer in Battlesector. And these three modes cover the same two armies which we will cover later. So story mode is of course the PvE story experience of the Blood Angels’ reclamation of their home world. Good characters and a fun narrative that is easy to follow. Skirmish also a PvE experience but its outside of the main story scenarios. And lastly there is multiplayer. It is PvP where each side gets a team and they fight it out.

Armies in Battlesector

There are only two armies here, Blood Angels and Tyranids. That’s my biggest complaint with Battlesector. Each army is comparable in strength in-game and is very different from the other side. But this has one major issue. The amount of and replayability of the content available at launch. Its severely lacking. There’s not even a comparable amount of customization, variety, or the quantity of content to that which is available in the dawn of war series alone. Not to mention all the other Warhammer games available providing more bang for your buck like Gladius.

That being said I love the depictions of Tyranids and they definitely have that fear factor with being an endless tide of high speed bugs with a big appetite. And The Blood Angels are also very strong, they are formidable in Battlesector. This creates some epic scenarios where you set up gunlines to deal with the swarming tide. And Tyranid players have to constantly adapt to the longer range that the Blood Angels have. But when they get there, it gets bloody.

Battlesector Tyranids


Graphically Battlesector is not the most graphically stunning game in the last couple years. There is a lot to be seen here with it’s art style. The surface of the planet is a nice Mars-like red with dust blowing across the surface. Ruins are dusty, full of cobwebs, and lit by torchlight, ominously lighting the vast expanse. The cities are empty after Tyranids swept through and devoured the civilians, leaving an eerily quiet ghost town. Visually Battlesector is still solid, good use of ambiance and map design is shockingly fresh on a nearly desolate planet.


Battlesector is an incredibly well designed and balanced game. I never experienced any stuttering, only minor graphical glitches. The only problem is the amount of content here, while the campaign can go for up to 20 hours it’s mostly just procedure. My Dreadnoughts will take beefy enemies, my marines will take fodder, and my priest will support, etc. And with only 2 large factions to play, the game is always going to be roughly the same. That being said the game is a ton of fun, well balanced, and there is a lot of campaign content to play. It’s probably the closest thing I’ve seen so far to an official digital release of the tabletop game.

Battlesector is for sale on Playstation, Xbox, and PC for $39.99 usd.

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