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Castle Storm 2

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Castle Storm 2

Castle Storm 2

Releases July 31st for PC (on Epic Games Store), PS4, XB1, and the Switch

Castle Storm II levels up gaming’s greatest genre mishmash with ruthless destruction powered by Unreal 4, plus a whole new metagame of strategic, tactical conquest. The heroes of the Kingdom defend their homeland against the vile forces of the Undead, and only you can plot the path to triumph for both sides in two epic story-driven campaigns. But not without some hands-on chaotic carnage and delightful devastation!

Castle Storm 2 Website

Get your aiming practice in now! Castle Storm is back in the second installment with new features and expansions on what people loved!

Bigger Genre-Blending:

  • Destroy Even More! This mechanic returns with a visceral fierceness and sense of crushing weight that surpasses the original.
  • Control Every Soldier: For those times when a personal touch can mean the difference between victory and defeat, players can now control individual soldiers as well.

New Metagame of Strategic Conquest

  • Liberate the Kingdom – or Destroy It! Only through total domination of the map by one faction can the Kingdom once more restore peace.
  • Procedurally Generated Maps: No two campaigns are ever the same, as a map’s terrain and layout changes with each new game. Fields, forests, mountains and more await.
  • Find Secrets and Side Quests: Each map is replete with unique side encounters where your decisions may result in comradery, coin or carnage – or maybe a little of each!

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