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Cyberpunk 2077 Day 1

Cyberpunk 2077 is the newest game by CD Projekt Red, the people behind The Witcher games. The game takes place in a Cyberpunk styled world, neon lights, a militaristic police force that’s as corrupt as they come, and Cybernetic enhancements. Think Deus Ex but with more neon and less justice. Maybe you’ll burn down a city on the way.

Starting Cyberpunk 2077

We’ll only cover act one, but this will have heavy spoilers ahead. If you want to play it yourself and spoilers bother you, skip ahead.

You choose one of 3 life paths, each changes where you start and what resources you have. As a Nomad you lived in the badlands outside the city and so you have to smuggle something into it. As a Corpo, you start knowing the ins and outs of corporate life and how to deal with other Corporates. And as a Street kid you grew up in night city, working with the gangs, so you know people.

What you choose is entirely up to you and will affect interactions later in Cyberpunk 2077. Like as a nomad I was able to talk to other nomads for info. They’d give it up without much complaint because of the kinship between nomads. But ultimately all of them have their benefits. But other than small bits like that, your start doesn’t truly matter so go with any choice you want.

After your intro you wake up in your brand new apartment as a mercenary in Night city. And your best friend Jackie tells you after you come outside that he has a new job for you two. Dexter Deshawn is in town and has hired you and Jackie for a big mission. But before you do it, you need to do some prep work. And this is Cyberpunk 2077’s designated side mission time, so make sure to do what you can in this time. But your two main missions are as follows. The drone he needs to hack into the place is in the hands of some scavs and they aren’t planning on giving it back without encouragement. And the person who hired Deshawn wants to meet someone who will be on site of the mission, meaning you.

There are multiple ways to end these encounters, like with the scavs you can pay out of pocket, or you can pay for it with militech credits from the contact Deshawn gives you. Or maybe that’s too boring and you want to brute force your way guns blazing, etc. Evelyn is your employer, and she will show you a recording of the indoor of the Arasaka towers, where your heist will be. Giving all sorts of information about it and how to do it.

But on your way out she will ask you to betray Deshawn and just work for her. She will offer 50% of the cut divided among your team. While Deshawn will only offer 30% divided among the team. This means 15% for you with him or 25% with Evelyn. This decision in Cyberpunk 2077 is probably the least important so don’t worry about it. After doing these, return to Deshawn and discuss the plan, the cut, and the failsafes.

Cyberpunk 2077

The heist

This is the actual meat of act one in Cyberpunk 2077 , where you do the heist on Arasaka towers. So you walk into the Lobby and get a room under the disguise of people meeting the head for a business deal. After a brief hold up and reserving your room, you make your way upstairs and set up the drone. You guide it through the hotel, and into the security room where a netrunner keeps his eyes on all the cameras and detects any hacking attempts in the system. You send the drone in to take out the runner and give your hacker free reign of the system. After waiting for your runner to take over the system and get everything ready, it is time to begin the heist.

Then you make your way upstairs to steal your target, the biochip. And don’t forget to grab the unique pistol in the bedroom on the right. But things don’t go as planned. The owner is coming back early and some more people have arrived unannounced, by air. You hide in a small room with Jackie and can see out. And spoiler alert, Yorinobu the heir of Arasaka industries, strangles his father.

This sets the whole tower on high alert, and he says that someone just killed his father, he then leaves to alert the guards as a part of this cover up. You and Jackie panic as you try to escape, now with this murder pinned on you. As your runner unlocks the door to the outside for you two to escape, she gets found and killed. And as you and Jackie try to scale the building to flee, a helicopter spots you before firing and breaking the glass you are on and you fall a couple of floors and black out.

Cyberpunk 2077

The escape

Spoilers ahead for the ending of the heist in Cyberpunk 2077. This is the most important part of the story and if you don’t want this spoiled, please skip this.

As you wake up from the fall, you see Jackie is shot in the stomach. He tells you that the Biochip is damaged and will die soon if its not prevented. You call Evelyn for assistance. She tells you that one of you needs to keep the chip implanted in your head until you get back to her and allow her to remove it. Jackie steps up to the plate and slots the chip in and you two start to sneak your way out of the tower.

As you make it past each floor, it gets progressively harder to stealth and eventually nearly impossible. And on each floor you can hear Jackie start to bleed out, his breathing getting more deliberate and his groans more agonizing. Until you make it to the car to escape and the excitement fades as you notice Jackie isn’t doing well. As he bleeds out he slots the Biochip into you and passes.

When you wake up Delamain, the taxi AI asks where you would like him to take the body. And you get to choose where Jackie ends up post mortem. And after saying bye to your best friend, you make your way into the safe house where Deshawn is. You explain the situation and he tells you how every major news source is talking about it and Arasaka will be looking for you. Afterwards he tells you to clean the blood off your face and you guys will leave. After cleaning off you step out into the room and his guard punches you in the face. Deshawn points a gun at your head before firing and killing you. This closes act one, there are many more missions to go until the ending though.

Cyberpunk 2077

Overall experiences

I should open this with some clarification, I have only played on the PC version, thus my experiences are only with that version. I do not make any claims about console versions of Cyberpunk 2077.

My experiences with Cyberpunk 2077 have been positive mostly. The start of the game is incredibly engaging and I had a lot of fun doing the heist stuff. But once you get out into the open world that’s where the issues are. The map is incredibly stuffed with icons and mix that with the amount of missions available, it’s overwhelming at times. After about 7 hours I finally was able to process the journal but until then it was just chaos. But that wasn’t the only issue in the game. I’m not a fan of the cops being instant death in combat, but they are also an absolute joke to avoid.

And the game and overworld are absolutely ridden with bugs. While the PC version has less chances of game breaking glitches, it is not immune to them. Luckily in my playthrough all of my glitches were small and mostly just visual. But there were quite a couple times where I had to close the game entirely and reopen it just to allow me to continue. The bugs are frequent, and there are many.

But the game isn’t bad, it is very well written in the beginning and I fell in love with Jackie’s character. Sadly this story really falls away and I got way less invested after Act 1. Almost every character falls away, even characters that are considered important stop being there like Viktor and Misty. It’s a shame that characters like Misty are relegated to being side mission fodder and in her case, only doing tarot readings for you. The game sets up an amazing story with this cast of characters you will enjoy but then drops all of it for a mediocre open world game.

Final thoughts

Is Cyberpunk 2077 good? Yes, it is a decent game that was fun to just mess around in. It is amazing? Not at all, its a buggy chaotic mess and the story badly needs a midgame. Would I recommend this game to others who like first person shooters? Not in it’s current state, my hope is that they iron out the game and fill it where it needs filling. And most importantly, is Cyberpunk 2077? Absolutely not in its current state.

Cyberpunk is $59.99 on steam but I highly recommend anyone looking to purchase it to save their money and wait until the game improves.

Nathan Lambias
Nathan Lambias
Amateur Writer and Reviewer. I enjoy a wide variety of game genres but my favorites are First Person Shooters, Role-playing games, and occasionally Puzzle games.

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