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Dead by Daylight Silent Hill Chapter

Dead by Daylight is an asymmetric multiplayer horror game. And with the Silent Hill Chapter that was released yesterday some exciting new content has been added. Including a new killer, survivor, and map for us to kill or be killed in. The four survivors have another menace to deal with, and he is set on making them atone.

Dead by Daylight Silent Hill Classroom

Dead by Daylight’s newest Survivor

The new Survivor in Dead by Daylight’s Silent Hill Chapter is Cheryl Mason, The adopted daughter of Harry Mason. To anyone who played Silent Hill, this should ring a bell pretty easily.

Cheryl is a pretty unique survivor, her signature perks are some of my favorite in Dead by Daylight. It is very apparent how her abilities have more dark undertones and imply utilizing the entity. Compare that to Claudette who’s skills are being empathetic, and you can tell Cheryl is a little bit different.

The Unique Survivor Perks

My particular favorite thing is how Cheryl can counter particularly annoying things that the killers can pull out like hexes. Soul Guard allows her to fully recover from the dying state if there is a hex. And it even gives her the ability to run for 20 seconds past when she should be knocked down. This can make her a particular nuisance to the killer. With it she can take a second hit, run off, and then reviving herself.

She also can counter perks in Dead by Daylight like “Pop Goes the Weasel”, that require killers to damage generators. This is all done with her “Repressed Alliance” perk. After repairing generators for 80 seconds, the perk is ready. She can use this perk to summon the entity to block all interactions with that generator for 30 seconds. This is especially good to use if the killer is coming and you don’t want to lose any progress repairing. This is good to have but only really useful for when the killer has perks that activate on generators.

And lastly she has the perk “Blood Pact”. If Sheryl or the obsession is injured, they are revealed through the map to the other. If you heal the injured then this perk activates. Each gains increased movement speed for up to 10 seconds. This perk is straight forward, not many varied uses. So use it so you can escape if the killer is coming, or if you just want to leave faster.

These are very cool abilities and seem to be designed around our new killer…

Pyramid Head Key Art

Dead by Daylight’s new Executioner

And With Cheryl Mason’s introduction to Dead by Daylight came her father’s terror, Pyramid Head. He may not be slow but he carries the same aura of dread and his signature blade. There is a lot to him and his abilities making him quite the killer.

His ability “Rites of Judgement” has many different parts so we’ll briefly cover each part. The first part is he stabs his knife into the ground to drag behind him leaving barbed wire behind. This wire will inflict survivors with Torment, which is a unique status effect. The second part is while the knife is in the ground from the first part. You can activate this to ready a long range attack from below to damage survivors. And part three is the Torment status effect. With this status effect Pyramid head can teleport you to a hook after you enter the dying state. Or kill you if this would be your last hook similar to being killed with a Mori.

His Unique Perks

This is more to know about the newest killer in Dead by Daylight, specifically his perks. And we’ll start with the first perk “Forced Penance”. If a survivor takes a hit for someone, they will receive the broken status effect for 40+ seconds. This prevents survivors from being healed to full health for the duration.

His second perk is another interesting one. “Trail of torment” will give the the killer the Undetectable status effect for 16 seconds when he damages a generator. This one I think is his weakest ability but it still can shake up the game. But his final perk might be one of my favorites.

“Deathbound” is Pyramid Head’s final perk and it might be his best one. This is activated when a survivor is healed by a friend up a health state. The one who is healing the other will scream and reveal their location. On top of this, they receive the oblivious status effect for 60 seconds. This is just one of my favorite perks as a killer in Dead by Daylight.

Dead by Daylight Silent Hill Courtyard
Overlooking the Courtyard as Pyramid Head.

The Chilling new Map

And finally we come to the map, one that I particularly love just from a horror standpoint, Midwich Elementary School. This is a two story rectangle with a courtyard in the center and plenty of rooms in the building itself. Midwich will sound familiar to Silent Hill fans as it is the real start of the original game.

In this elementary school that our killer resides in, there are many breakable doors and pallets. This makes chases really chaotic but absolutely thrilling. And it has two floors which is something I would normally dislike due to the killer’s terror radius. But unlike the meat packing plant, the map is large enough that it doesn’t always feel like the killer is breathing down your neck. This makes the map way more exciting and tense.

This is also a good time to mention the level decor, the things in the map that give it the proper tone. The goal is for a nightmarish, twisted form of a school. And everything in this map fits amazingly into this setting. Twitching corpses in cages, the tolling of the clock tower bell, and the creatures trying to beat their way out of lockers.

Dead by Daylight Silent Hill staircase
Going to check the closet for survivors.

Last words

So what do I think about Dead by Daylight’s Silent Hill Chapter? Well overall I think it is a good update. While it doesn’t shake up the meta, it does add some perks I’ll enjoy using for fun. And with that on top of the ability to be Pyramid Head, it is a hit for me. I can see myself playing as our new killer for a long while and enjoying every second of it. So go check out the Silent Hill Chapter on Dead by Daylight.

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