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Earth Defense Force: World Brothers Review

EDF World Brothers is another addition to the EDF franchise, released May 21st 2021. Developed by Yuke’s, who were the developers of EDF Iron Rain. There are many similarities between the two.

World Brothers turns it up to 11

With all the craziness normally in EDF, World Brothers takes an even crazier turn starting with the art style. Swapping art style entirely from the rest of the franchise, this is done in Voxel. And to keep up with the voxel world, they created even crazier looking characters. The heroes come from all backgrounds, a popstar, ninjas, cowboys, and a dutch woman.

Each one has a small background to them, the best character being the cowboy that you get through the story obviously. You can play any type of character, and each one has their own weapons and unique ability. The Ninja Brother and the Spartan Brother are great against ground targets because they only have melee, but with that comes a complete lack of ranged attacks. But on the alternative side, there are snipers like the Royal Brother who lack any form of close range protections. Which forces you to build a team that have multiple specialists to swap between.

World Brothers Squad

What’s new?

World Brothers takes a more arcade approach to the EDF equation. Enemies are less threatening but the game throws tons of them at you, allowing you to play with your special abilities. This focus on fun over difficulty is great for casual players but leaves more traditional players wanting more. Even for an EDF game it can be ridiculous. The game has a lot of characters that are a parody of their location of origin. One quite literally uses a flying carpet, and another who uses a defensive windmill.


The most obvious new addition is the new art style. World Brothers is the first EDF game to have an entirely different art style. Swapping from its usual semi realistic models to cutesy voxel characters. Having higher saturation and the cubic models makes it have a more fun aesthetic. This plays very well into the more arcade gameplay. Not much else about it can be said.


When building a team you choose 3 of your brothers and sisters you rescued that you will use in the next mission. This team will have to account for many different enemies, terrain, and other difficulties in World Brothers. I take the wing diver because she does a bunch of damage with her lance, but once her jet pack runs out she is vulnerable to attack. And while this is a powerful ability certain bugs do better against wing divers. Spiders will shoot webs that will slow their targets down, meaning wing divers have to use more fuel to move around. Because of this they more likely to run out of fuel and fall into the spider’s clutches.

So to avoid this you can swap into someone less movement based like a trooper. Where you can fire from the ground and wipe out spiders. But being a slower character makes you a prime target for flying enemies. They can land most of their shots and avoid your fire. Swapping mid game allows you to get characters into new positions and allows you to cover certain character’s weaknesses. It works wonderfully with the more ridiculous tone of World Brothers.

World Brothers Bugs and Fliers


EDF World Brothers is a unique addition to the EDF series. It sticks out by not only being more arcade-y like its sibling Iron Rain, but the voxel art style is especially striking. And while some people may be upset about the game being less immersive, I believe its not too important. The series is about giant space bugs who are trying to take down humanity. So immersion is not the focal point of the series. The cast of characters is wide and stems from different groups of the world and even all different games in the series. Each character’s unique abilities makes the game feel more varied and adds to the individuality of the characters.

Overall World Brothers is a fun addition to the Earth Defense Force series. It is more focused on the chaotic fun action versus the difficulty of other games. So while World Brothers wont be for everyone, it can be some of the most fun. I spent most of my time trying weird combos of characters and guns to play with. I recommend anyone looking for a game that you can just turn off and play tons of, then this is the game for you.
It is available on Steam, PS4, and the Nintendo Switch for $60 USD.

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