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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Action Online Update

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout


The next Battle Royale?

Scheduled Release August 4th.

So with all the hype over all the new battle royale games coming out due to the popularity of the genre here comes a new family friendly BR. It reminds me a lot of the old japanese show Takenshi’s castle. This was, of course, used for the remake for the american version of Wipeout.

From the people who have also brought us other titles like:

Serious Sam, My Friend Pedro, Hotline Miami 1&2, and Shadow Warrior 1&2.

So to start off this begins as a massive free for all. Every round a group of people get eliminated.

This will trigger the next stages which will cause the team competitions to start. They split into 3 teams and the losing team will all be eliminated when the challenge is failed.

Once it’s down to the last 8-10 compteitors it will be competitive play until there is only one survivor.

What would any BR be without some kind of reward? They have costumes you can dress your character up in. Costumes are gotten not only by winning but achievements as well. This helps to split so everyone wont be stuck with the base model for long. Everyone will be able to make their customer their own.

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