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FALLOUT 76: Scribe of Avalon

Fallout 76

Update Version

Patch Download Sizes:

  • 5.0 GB – PC (
  • 11.9GB – PC (Microsoft Store)
  • 5.7GB – PC (Steam)
  • 9.2GB – PlayStation 4
  • 1.6GB – Xbox One

It’s here! It’s Here! Season 3 is HERE!

FO76 season 3 is starting with a bang. The new “Scribes of Avalon” will launch a new scoreboard as you begin your time-traveling story with K.D. inkwell to investigate the ancient mysteries of a medieval civilization! Some of the new features will include 100 new achievable ranks unlocking:

  • Power Armor Paints
  • Weapon Skins
  • Outfits
  • Themed Cosmetics
  • C.A.M.P. Items
  • In-game Currencies
  • Consumable Perk Card Packs
  • and More!

With the “Scribes of Avalon” update will also feature several new types of rank-up rewards that are brand new to the game and which may include:

  • Lite Allies
  • Backpack Flairs
  • Perfectly Preserved Bubblegum
  • Antique Speed Bag
  • Perk Coins

Finally, They are rewarding Fallout 1st Members for the first time ever. At certain rank milestones additional rewards claimed in addition to the normal rank rewards currently offered.

There are all new challenges in both daily and weekly rotations. These will include Shelter-themed challenges, specific enemy take downs like Blood eagles and Mothman Cultists!

They are wrapping up last seasons Weight Bench challenge by now offering the reward for those players who may have missed the chance of obtaining one! You can purchase yours from Gold Bullion vendors!

Another note worthy addition with “Scribes of Avalon” update is:

We’ve added a few new items to the set of “Core Vault” C.A.M.P. objects that are unlocked after you complete the “Home Expansion” quest, including a Foundation version of the Core Vault Floor, a new Doorway Wall, and a Vault-themed door to match.

Below is a list of bug fixes included with this “Scribes of Avalon” update:

  • Power Armor: The headlamp on the Blue Demon Power Armor Helmet now shines in the correct direction in third-person view.
  • Underarmor: The Brotherhood of Steel Camouflage Infantry Uniform no longer clips through equipped outfits.
  • Ammo Converter  Flamer Fuel can now be sold using the 100x sell option, and Railroad Spikes can be purchased using the 100x buy option.
  • Defenses: The Encampment Gate is now centered between its posts.
  • Defenses: Encampment Fences can now be snapped to the left side of the Encampment Gate.
  • Exploit: Addressed a C.A.M.P. budget exploit related to Patio Chairs.
  • The Spooky Sound Machine can now be placed at the same time as the Fog Machine.
  • Vault Catwalk: Straight sections of Vault Catwalk can now be properly snapped to corner pieces.
  • Killing the Scorchbeast Queen now count toward “Kill Different Kinds of Tough Enemies” Combat Challenge progress
  • Combat: Killing the Flatwoods Monster now counts toward “Kill an Alien” subchallenge progress for the “Kill different kinds of human-like creatures” Combat Challenge
  • Killing a Small Frog now counts toward “Kill Different Kinds of Critters” Combat Challenge progress
  • Combat: Killing a Hermit Crab now counts toward “Kill Different Kinds of Arthropods” Combat Challenge progress
  • Killing Mirelurks and Fog Crawlers now counts toward “Kill Different Kinds of Aquatic or Semi-Aquatic Creatures” Combat Challenge progress.
  • Combat: Killing Cave Crickets now counts toward “Kill different Kinds of Insects and Bugs” Combat Challenge progress.
  • Daily: Fixed an issue that prevented some Holotapes from counting toward “Listen to an Audio Holotape” Daily Challenge progress.
  • World: The “Discover the Overseer’s C.A.M.P.” World Challenge now displays the correct reward icon in the Challenge menu.
  • Armor: Red Viper Armor Skins can now be favorited for use in Nuclear Winter.
  • Headwear: Red Viper and Camouflage Skins can now be applied to the Urban Scout Mask.
  • Plans: Fixed an issue that prevented the Plan for the Poodle Sleeping Bag from dropping as a reward for level 50+ players in Daily Ops.
  • Fixed a PC client crash that could occur when fighting Scorched in the Forest.
  • Client Stability: Fixed a PlayStation 4 client crash that could occur when exiting another player’s Vault Atrium Shelter.
  • Fixed an Xbox One client crash that could occur when entering the Foundation Supply Room during the “Supplying Demands” quest.
  • Performance: Fixed an issue that could cause client hitching during gameplay.
  • Property Rights: Sheena no longer spawns inside a wall during the “Speak to Sheena” objective.
  • Floors and other objects can now be built at the spawn point inside Shelters but exclude items like Traps and Pressure Plates.
  • Potted Plants can now be built near Shelter ceilings more easily, and no longer sometimes place outside the playable area.
  • Fixed a case where Large Shelter Entrances could not be placed near water.
  • Objects built on top of Large Shelter Entrances no longer clip through the pre-existing metal beams.
  • Programmable Objects: Light Boxes, Switches, Cycling Lights, and other objects that can be “programmed” now retain their settings between play sessions.
  • Wall Décor: Fixed an issue that could cause the Eat-o-tronic to clip into the floor when built inside the Vault Lobby Shelter.
  • Wallpapers: Only Wallpapers that the player owns can be placed inside of Shelters.
  • Wires: Wires attached between Generators and certain powered objects, like Decontamination Showers, now persist after exiting and re-entering a Shelter.
  • Collectron Stations: Added Sound effects that will play when opening or closing the container attached to Collectron Stations.
  • Atomic Shop: Fixed an issue that could prevent further menu navigation in the Atomic Shop after purchasing a Bundle.
  • Help Menu: Added Shelters information to the Fallout 76 Help Menu.
  • Inventory: Opening a Holiday Gift no longer causes the player’s current selection to automatically move up one row in the Aid menu.
  • Scoreboard: Purchasing multiple rank-ups quickly no longer sometimes causes the rank-up button to become non-functional.

Head to the Seasons page on to get more information about Season 3 and “Scribes of Avalon”, as well as a check out the rewards that will be up for grabs.

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