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Fallout 76 Steel Dawn, The Brotherhood is back

Fallout 76 has a very rough history in gaming. A rough launch with bad connection, general disappointment in it, people hunting players with subscriptions, and other things like that. Unlike the subscription scandal, a lot of these views are well founded like the canvas bag scandal. And the Steel Dawn update is one of many updates to flesh the game out.

The addition of a battle royale mode, private worlds, and adding npc’s. All of these fleshed out the game into something entertaining enough to play. And Fallout 76 Steel Dawn adds more to the world, the most notable part being the Brotherhood of Steel being there.

What is in Steel Dawn?

The place to start is obviously at the new base of the Brotherhood. And the base is over at the old Atlas Observatory, now known as Fort Atlas. The whole underground facility redesigned to hold a militaristic force. Steel Dawn is centered at the Fort.

When you arrive you can avoid them and not get anything done, or you can join them. But if you don’t join, this update has nothing for you. So if you want to join, follow the marker and talk to the initiate in the front of the area. This is where Steel Dawn really begins. He’ll send you inside and you have to talk to the Knight and ask to join.

Fallout 76 Steel Dawn

Getting into the fort

The Knight will express how he doesn’t really care about helping the people and just wants to get his job done. The Brotherhood’s hopes to take away people’s high tech toys to prevent another Nuke. And he is just too busy to listen to civilians. So your initiation requirements in Steel Dawn start with listening to these 4 people, and reporting to him what they want. These are things like asking for guns, all the way to asking for the stuff the brotherhood took from them back.

After doing this you will have access to the facility. And from here you complete your quests and work your way up the brotherhood ranks. This is overall a welcome addition to Fallout 76. The Steel Dawn Update has given me more reasons to play the game and I might continue playing.

Nathan Lambias
Nathan Lambias
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