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Fault; Paragon’s Best Reincarnation?

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Fault; Paragon’s Best Reincarnation?

Fault Title

Fault is a game being developed by Strange Matter Studios. It is being created with the assets of the MOBA Paragon. With the assets it also takes heavy inspiration from it and other MOBAs. The developers are seeking to make Fault more competitive.

In 2017 Epic games released Fortnite Battle Royale, and with this mode the game started to gain traction. With Fortnite’s popularity starting to explode they wanted to put most of their focus on it to capitalize on the attention. And while this capitalization was a resounding success, there is a downside. Because a MOBA made by Epic Games, named Paragon was a casualty. This is because in 2018, it was was shut down when they closed it’s servers to focus resources on Fortnite. And this is where Fault comes in.

But luckily that isn’t the end for Paragon. Because Strange Matter Studios has acquired the game’s assets and aims to bring the game back and to build upon it. Fault is currently still in early access so many things are unrefined, but the game and characters are very much playable. But take some of the issues with a grain of salt. Since the game is still unrefined there are things that will be fixed with time.

Fault Jungle
Fault using assets from Paragon.

Fault’s Interesting Characters

As of patch 0.3.1 in Fault there are 14 characters and there are more on the way. Even though the current cast is quite limited for a MOBA, the cast is still varied and interesting. There is a vampire girl who wields two blades, a synthetic human angel, and even a cyborg bear. If you want some interesting characters, Fault has you covered.

Anyone who has played games like League of Legends, Dota, and to a lesser extent Smite, knows that what character you choose matters. If I am playing an assassin character, I will not be able to absorb damage like a tank. Due to this, each character fills one of five different roles to make a full team.

What are the Roles in MOBAs?

For any people new to the genre there are five roles. There are Tanks, Supports, Middle Lane, Carry, and Junglers. Each role is vital and they all have importance in a match. And Fault is no different compared to others in this aspect.

Middle lanes are high damage people like mages and assassins and they fight in the middle lane obviously. Carry characters are people who shoot fast and they team up with supports in one lane, their job is to get good items so later in the game they steamroll others. Junglers have the hardest and arguably the most important job in a game. Junglers roam through the area between lanes known as a “Jungle” and kill the monsters there. From there they roam around the map helping each lane kill their opponents when they can. A good Jungler can turn the tide of a match easily.

Tanks and supports are pretty self explanatory but just to be safe we’ll briefly cover them. Tanks are big beefy characters who can take a hit, they are good in group fights and keep squishier characters safe. Supports stick with Carry characters for most of the match, helping them level up and keeping them from dying with heals and buffs. All MOBAs including Fault, have these roles to organize the team.

Fault Tower
The tower attacking minions.

The Combat and Map

I paired these two together because these things go hand in hand, especially in a MOBA. The map dictates the paths you will take and changes how quickly a fight can break out. Due to the movement speed and size of the map traversal will be slower in Fault. This makes positioning much more important and deaths will be just that much more impactful. I enjoy this speed a lot more than Predecessor which ends up being a frenzy with everyone gathered together. Fault’s speed forces players to think a little more before making risky plays but makes when these pay off it’s a bigger reward.


Fault is a well and lovingly made successor to Paragon. But even though they use the assets, they don’t let Paragon hold it back. One mistake other games like this make is letting the old outdated game hold them back. They use this as a platform to create something bigger and longer lasting.

That being said, this game is still in early access and is unfinished. So would I recommend this game for the current price of 20 usd? In short, not particularly. The game is still very rough and missing a lot of quality of life changes. The only people I can recommend it for in it’s current state and price are people who really miss Paragon and people who adore the MOBA genre.

But at launch it will be free to play, just like Paragon. Would I recommend it then? I believe so. Fault shows a lot of promise and when that time comes that it is free and fully built I highly encourage people try this game. Come around in early 2021, pick up Fault for free.

Nathan Lambias

Amateur Writer and Reviewer. I enjoy a wide variety of game genres but my favorites are First Person Shooters, Role-playing games, and occasionally Puzzle games.

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