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Gunfire Reborn, an Up and coming Rogue-lite

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Gunfire Reborn, an Up and coming Rogue-lite

Gunfire Reborn Bar

Gunfire Reborn is an Early access Rogue-lite shooter. Released on May 22nd of 2020, this game took a little bit to pop onto everyone’s radar. And it deserves all of the attention it is getting. You play as the prince of a kingdom that has fallen into chaos. And as the prince of that kingdom, it is your job to save it.

But ultimately when you’re playing, story isn’t what will draw you in. So what is it that makes this game fun?

Gunfire Reborn’s Gameplay Trailer

Gunfire Reborn’s Game loop

What makes Gunfire Reborn so fun to me is it’s satisfying loop. Many Rogue-likes struggle to keep replays feeling fresh and interesting. The game is still in early access so the content is currently limited. But despite this each run feels new and unique. From the different maps, enemies, and the challenge rooms in between. The game is always throwing something at you and is constantly engaging you and drawing your attention.

On top of this variety, Gunfire Reborn is challenging. Movement is slow so you will rely on your dash to avoid certain attacks. Taking a heavy hit from a boss generally isn’t recommended due to your limited survivability. No passive health regeneration, a dash on a cooldown, and monsters that hit hard. These design choices facilitate you to consider positioning, make you time dashes, and pushes you to eliminate enemies to give yourself room to breathe.

When you eventually die in a run, you will go back to the tavern and spend your still points you earned in each run. But points don’t carry over so spend them all before starting your next run! You get points from clearing rooms, vaults, and eliminating enemies. And speaking of eliminating enemies, you will need weapons to do that.

Gunfire Reborn Boss Doors
Approaching the boss doors.

Gunfire Reborn’s unique guns

Going through the game you will encounter many different weapons. From the Argus, the tiger cannon, to even the starting hand cannon which levels up with you. There are a plethora of weapons for you to use against your enemies depending on what you need. And the gunplay is similar to borderlands. So Shock weapons do extra to shields, fire does more to health, etc. This forces you to choose weapons that can handle different enemies better and allows for some satisfying combat.

For new players as a shock weapon I recommend Star Devourer, an electric full auto pistol. Because it is fairly accurate, has a high rate of fire, and has good critical damage. This means especially on bosses with shields, if you hit headshots with it you can melt their shields in a matter of seconds. But use what feels right to you, play around with the guns and enjoy yourself,

Special Abilities

Possibly the most useful tool in your arsenal in Gunfire Reborn are your abilities and grenades. You get grenades frequently and your ability has a fairly short cooldown timer allowing you to use these often. Starting out your grenades are poison smoke grenades, and your ability is a freeze. This gives you great control over enemy movement and allows you to keep the enemies off you.

The other character, Ao Bai, is a dog who can dual wield guns and carries explosive grenades. So he is tankier, has a higher dps, but is slower and lacks crowd control. This makes him consider his positioning heavily, because if he is cornered, it could mean the end for him. Compared to the prince who can freeze enemies so he can get away.

Gunfire Reborn Trap Room
A room full of enemies and flame traps.


Overall Gunfire Reborn is a solid entry into the Rogue-lite series. While it’s not the most difficult, it doesn’t pull any punches. The most similar rogue-lite is Risk of Rain 2. Their similarities being how you are thrown into maps against enemies, gaining randomized loot to fight an eventual boss. Besides these, the games are unique in their own ways. But these similarities can be drawn pretty easily.

And like Risk of Rain 2, Gunfire reborn has very easily fallen into the list of games I will play regularly. The fast and fun combat, mixed with the difficulty, and on top of it all buckets of charm. These are the things that keep this game fun and enjoyable. I highly recommend that people try this game out, and at only $12 USD on Steam, it’s a cheap source of consistent entertainment.

Nathan Lambias

Amateur Writer and Reviewer. I enjoy a wide variety of game genres but my favorites are First Person Shooters, Role-playing games, and occasionally Puzzle games.

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