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Lemnis Gate


Sep 28, 2021
DEVELOPER: Ratloop Games Canada
PUBLISHER: Frontier Foundry

Lemnis Gate is the revolutionary turn-based strategy FPS taking place in a time loop.

Welcome to the first day of your past to make a better future! Firstly, this is a FPS that plays like PUBG and APEX. Secondly, it has the graphics similar to APEX. More importantly, it’s something I love most because it’s not PVP based. You’re sent back in time to change past events in this mind bending 4D FPS. Go toe to toe in 5 rounds of you and your friends versus NPCs.

Your first character you start with is Toxin but there are several characters that are playable:

  • Roulan Fang
    Ruolan took a keen interest in bio-weaponry after joining a classified unit and it was the collection and compression of pollutants that led her to invent the Tox Cannon.
  • Julio Cruz
    Recently awarded a pardon for his assassination of a foreign dictator guilty of countless despicable war crimes, Julio is a free agent with impeccable aim.
  • Taara Gailani
    As the only child of two talented scientists, Taara grew up with technology all around her.
  • Roksana Ulvich
    Roksana a.k.a Kapitan, is the no nonsense leader of Lemnis Industries’ deep space operatives.
  • Model KR-L95
    Designed by Lemnis Industries’ Robotics division, the KRL model represents the latest innovations in bi-pedal security AI.

There are several modes that are coming with the launch of the game:

  • Seek & Destroy
    The attacking team has five rounds to destroy Resistors across the map. In response, the defending team must prevent the assault. If any Resistors are destroyed by the end of the fifth round, the defending team will cease to exist.
  • Domination
    Starting, Teams face off until time shatters. In other words, go out and annihilate the opposition by capturing the majority of the Particle Accelerators by the end of the fifth round. Accelerators are activated on impact and can be quickly triggered when shot at the core.
  • Retrieval XM
    Collect Exotic Matter and return it to your base. Prevent enemies from doing the same. The team holding the most matter by the end of the fifth round is declared victorious.
  • Deathmatch
    Players battle each other in a race to score the most kills.

Several maps will be available at launch as well:

  • The Arbor – (Domination)
  • Howler’s Mire – (Seek & Destroy)
  • Quarry – (Retrieve XM)
  • Tectonic Wells – (Retrieve XM)
  • Chimera – (Domination)
  • Subterra – (Deathmatch)
  • Stratos-IV – (Deathmatch)

If PVE is more you thing this looks to be a very promising game for you. If you’re out for a change of pace from all the raging at people for the million dollar shot that makes no sense, this looks promising and, I know you’ll see me there as soon as Lemnis Gate is out and ready to play!

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