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Marvel Avengers Beta

Kicked off this weekend starting yesterday with the PlayStation pre-orders! Pre-order today!

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Marvel’s Avengers BETA was specifically designed to get you small pieces of the full game experience that are meant to tease you, and more importantly, get you wanting more. They’ve taken content from the single-player original campaign and even content from the co-op War Zone missions. They set it so the world and hero can progress during the BETA so you get a chance to feel like you’re playing the full game.

Content Overiew:

Golden Gate

Golden Gate Bridge Demo:
This demo is set to be a non stop roller coaster that give you an opportunity to check out the firghting and traveling abilities of Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, and Black Widow.


To Find Olympia:
For this mission, You get to search for JARVIS as the Hulk or Kamala. You’ll be exploring the vast and beautiful forests of the American Pacific Northwest in all it’s beauty.

Missing Links

Missing Links:
Hulk and Kamala take the Quinjet to the frozen Russian Tundra after finishing the Olympia Archive. On the missing called “Missing Links” the goal is to uncover one of SHIELDS many secrets


HARM Challenge Rooms:
Holographic Augmented Reality Machine is a VR machine that is used for training. I’d imagine it’s a lot like the training room from Marvel’s X-Men and used for training getting more difficult with each wave that comes at you.

War Zones

Once you’ve unlocked the War Table in the operations you’ll be able to head to the War Zones and Drop Zones in missions with either friends or AI.

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