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Metroid Dread Review

Metroid Dread is the newest addition to the franchise. It is developed by Mercury Steam, they made Castlevania Lords of Shadow and Metroid Samus Returns. Dread was released October 8th, 2021.

Metroid Dread Elevator

Metroid Dread’s Bosses

One of the things that sets Metroid Dread apart from its predecessors is the bosses. There are roughly 7 bosses and some mini bosses. All of them are new to the series except one boss who will be familiar to those who had played other Metroid games. This boss also has 2 secret kills. Where if you are able to break the sequence and get certain abilities before the boss, you can defeat them in a unique animation.

But this doesn’t mean the fights are gonna be easy. All the bosses in Metroid Dread are tough and require you to learn their different phases and attacks. Some bosses require your charged shot or missiles to damage them. And a lot of bosses have areas that certain powerups will give you an edge. Like the grapple beam lets you pull yourself out of dangerous areas during your second boss.

Tools and Weaponry of a Bounty Hunter

And to help you fight these bosses, are the tools in your arsenal. The classics like the morph ball bombs and the Varia suit are back! But there are plenty of new powers to enjoy in Metroid Dread. Like the spider magnet, which allows you to climb on magnetic surfaces to higher areas. And there is also the Flash Shift for up to 3 quick dodges. These can be used to get past pressure activated doors and out of dangerous areas.

And these powers have many different uses. Every gadget has a use in the right scenario. Like how the grapple beam can pull you away from Dread’s signature enemies, the EMMI.

Metroid Dread Adam

EMMI’s Inbound

In Metroid Dread, robots known as EMMIs are hot on your trail. So your personal AI named Adam, gives you some helpful advice. He advises you to run when you see one, as they will kill you if they get their hands on you. So much so that even just touching one will lead to death. But running will not always be enough, as each one you find has a unique power designed to hunt you down. The first real EMMI you run into will not be able to squeeze into small spaces. So to avoid it, you slide through gaps, forcing it to crawl over instead.

But after that, Dread’s death machines adapt. So now they are able to follow you through narrow spaces, and even will cut you off by doing so. But there is a way to beat these monstrosities.

Time to fight the Dread

Each EMMI connects to a central processing unit which is a large floating brain. And by going up to these monsters, you can claim their mysterious energy for yourself temporarily. This unlocks the special Omega Cannon, now you are ready to slay an EMMI. By firing the cannon’s rapid fire mode, you can melt the faceplate off an EMMI. While under fire in Metroid Dread they still lumber towards you. And after that, it is left exposed for a killing blow. You assume a stance and charge a powerful shot straight through the central eye. This drops the EMMI immediately, leaving you the victor. And by slaying an EMMI, the zone is completely safe to traverse and you gain a power based on their unique abilities.

Metroid Dread Omega Cannon

General Thoughts

Metroid Dread has very tight and responsive controls, if a little squirrely. A lot of the platforming requires precise movements and inputs to achieve them. Not to mention a lot of events require you to use your melee counter. These requirements make the game a lot more difficult than originally anticipated, especially in the later half of Dread. My only other complaint is that the abilities are very weirdly mapped out and there are a lot of abilities to remember. Like remembering right trigger is grapple mod on your arm cannon and right shoulder is rocket mode. But holding rocket mode too long activates storm missile mode. Overall its easy to forget buttons and abilities.

Despite these flaws, Metroid Dread has a lot going for it. EMMI’s are terrifying and dealing with them is fun. Powerups are frequent and each one is unique and fun to use in the right situation. Overall this is one of the strongest additions for the series. And I recommend anyone who is looking for a platform shooter that will give them a challenge, to grab it immediately.

Price and Acquisition

Metroid Dread is available right now on the Nintendo switch for a full $60.

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