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Monster Hunter Rise, Switch Masterpiece

Monster Hunter Rise is another addition to the acclaimed Monster Hunter series made by Capcom. Rise came out March 26th, 2021 and is one of the most technically advanced games in the series and on the switch. They packed a lot into it while trying to retain its playability while the switch is used portably and it does this extremely well.

Monster Hunter Rise – Rising Tensions

Monster Hunter Rise takes place in a Feudal Japan stylized town and you are a rookie Monster Hunter. After selecting your weapon and doing some training missions to learn how to hunt, you take to the hunting grounds. And while you are there, you hunt low level monsters while you learn your chosen weapon. With the parts form these monsters you fashion some better weapons and armor. This is for you and your pets that help you tackle the monsters, sometimes healing you or removing status effects.

After killing enough monsters and helping your village, you are introduced to the biggest threat to everyone’s safety. The monsters unify under another monster, Magnamalo, the flagship monster of Monster Hunter Rise. It is a wyvern of uncommon strength, that inflicts a powerful and unique status effect known as Hellfireblight. Magnamalo doesn’t usually come alone, it brings forth a legendary event known as the Rampage. Many different monsters gather together into a stampede, but their goal is to tear the village to the ground. And during rampage defenses, you and some allies can build ballista and other defenses to keep the village safe.

Monster hunter Rise

New friends! – Palamutes

There are a couple new things in Monster Hunter Rise like Wirebugs, Palamutes, and Wyvern riding. These additions are incredible and give you plenty of new movement and offensive options. The Palamute will likely be the first thing you notice, your loyal monster fighting dog. Your Palico and Palamute are both buddies who help you in fights against monsters, and the palamute has a unique function. Your palamute can be ridden as faster way to traverse the maps, but they can also be ridden in combat. Is your sword blunted from the current fight but theres not enough time to sit down and sharpen? Hop on your Palamute and sharpen while still moving at a nice speed to keep up the flow of combat. Give them the skill to remove poison and they will run over and cure you in a pinch.

Monster Hunter Rise


Next up are the wirebugs, your most important tool in Monster Hunter Rise. Your hunter has a case of these large bugs, and with them you gain access to a small grapple hook function. They can quickly pull you into the air or propel you forward, allowing all weapons to attack those in the air at least a little bit, or getting you to higher ground on your hunt. But thats not all, you can expend a wirebug for a powerful “Silkbind attack”. These are powerful moves that if used in the right moment to help prevent an enemy’s escape, hit a hard part to damage, or even set them up for the next helpful tool.

Wyvern Riding

Wyvern riding. Monster Hunter World introduced wyvern riding as a new attack to use on monsters. There are ways a monster can be put into a stunned state, and you can ride the monster. While riding it you can make the do light or heavy attacks if you want to attack another nearby monster. But what if I want to damage the monster I’m riding? Well you can cause the monster to charge into a wall, and for the cost of a wirebug, you can regain footing for another charge. This is a very versatile tool for taking control of your surroundings and setting up even faster ways to slay your targets.

Monster hunter Rise


Monster Hunter Rise is another in the amazing series, it sticks out from the other games enough while still being familiar. It has enough to bring in new fans while satisfying old ones. And with the movement system being more forgiving in some instances, it gives new players more room to grow and thrive. Monster Hunter World is definitely the better of the two in graphics because of the limitations of the switch but Rise is still great to look at.

I look at World and Rise as they are built for different people. Rise definitely fits better for more casual players or ones who just want to feel more dynamic. And World is for the more hardcore players, more punishing fights due to less tools at your disposal. Not to say they cant foster the other group, just that they are more apt to satisfy their associated group. I would still recommend veterans to pick up Monster Hunter Rise very much, and I would absolutely recommend newer players to get Monster Hunter World.

Overall, Monster Hunter Rise is an amazing game that I still cant put down. Its sold on the Nintendo Switch for $60

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