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“Summoning” Christmas update!

This past month everyone has been waiting and watching for the next big “Christmas Deal”. Or, what is coming out on Black Friday. Another approach for avid gamers is trolling forums, hidden files in updates, and posts looking for the next big news of their favorite games. Well for those who love ghost hunting, and dying a lot for the likes of the untrained, Phasomophobia has revealed the “Summoning Christmas” update!

Potential Artwork of a Summoning Circle

Earlier this month…

The ghost hunting phenomenon Pasmophobia was revealed to be having a mysterious Christmas update getting multiple new features. People were already amped up by the recent addition of new ghosts and the last big update. The update added a campsite map with all sorts of new things that hadn’t been seen before. Of course everyone loves more Easter eggs. (Psst, Visit the pier if you haven’t already and take a “Swim”.)

The list of had a bunch of redacted items and only really revealed the new Ouija board questions at first post. The questions were to to address the recent Nightmare mode updates. On the list, “Christmas [REDACTED] update”!

Now there has been a release of additional details on the Trello page to give more insight on the upcoming Christmas update. PLEASE NOTE: There is more to come!

New Cursed Possessions:
– Tortured Voodoo Doll
– Summoning Circle

New Ouija Board questions
and more…

More to come…

The developers aren’t done yet. With still 2 more redacted items on the list who knows what they will release next. There has been a lot of call for adding Slender Man from a simple Easter egg into a full on killer. Many believe he is in public domain but he is in fact copyright so unless they want to pay for the rights it’s unlikely that will happen. Krampus on the other hand… Hey who’s to say he has to be alive to haunt children on Christmas?

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