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Review – Mega Shifter by Tech Affliction

The “Mega Shifter”

Since the real “simulation shift knobs” came out on the market I have been eager to try one out. Until recently only one product was offered on the market. When Tech Affliction announced they where going to start selling the Mega Shifter I decided to give one a try. I believe when I placed my order I was number 4. My first thoughts where uh oh. Was the Trucksim community on Reddit right? Should I have passed on this?


Here is how things played out. I placed my order on May 9th. I received a confirmation email the same day my order had been received and was being processed. Now at this point I didn’t expect any further updates for at least 3 weeks, as stated on their website.  I was surprised when I received an email on May 17th that my order had shipped.

The packaging was very basic as is for a startup so I’m not going to go into detail about that. Just don’t expect anything fancy. Aside from some telltale signs that this product is crafted by hand it looks amazing.


Assembly on the other hand was a bit frustrating. Nothing came with the device or could be found on the website at the time of this review instructing you how to assemble the device. In my instance I have a G27 shifter so I was sent a 3D printed plastic shaft. One end is notched to fit over the original shifter shaft and the other end has threads for a threaded shaft. This all goes together to set the unit up.

At the time of this review the shifter is working perfectly. It was plug and play for a windows install and is recognized by name in game and the game controllers software. I have about 2 hours of game time so far. I plan on putting more hours on this week and really putting it through its paces. I’ll update this review if anything changes.


To sum up this review, the shifter works as described, time for delivery of the product was spot on or in my case quicker. Support was very responsive and knowledgeable about their product. If you go with this product do expect a more hands on setup. I would like to recommend to the manufacturer to place on their site, setup and configuration documentation.

To get your very own, head over to Tech Affliction.

* I was not paid / endorsed / or given a free product in exchange for this review.

Jeff Stone
Jeff Stone
Sysadmin by day, wannabe gamer dad on the weekend. I play mostly simulation, racing/driving games. Occasionally I attempt to write about them and the product is eh. Have a game you want us to review, drop us a line on our facebook.

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