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SCS Announces Double Trailers

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SCS Announces Double Trailers



After years of quality content and trucking in ETS2 and ATS, SCS has responded to it’s players and is ready to attack double trailers, steerable axles and multiple pivot points. And from the look of the pre-release footage the physics have been fixed.

I can’t tell you how excited this makes me and the community. Over on the trucksim subreddit, the comments about this news are buzzing.  The best part of it is SCS’s commitment to these games. Continually adding new features and for FREE. Yes you read that right. These core upgrades will be free to both games. SCS has announced trailer DLC for each game respectively.


Now this is another subject all together. You can be we will see some amzing work from the community as the modders jump on board to tackle the multiple pivot points and steerable axels.

Read the full news release on the SCS software blog.

Jeff Stone

Sysadmin by day, wannabe gamer dad on the weekend. I play mostly simulation, racing/driving games. Occasionally I attempt to write about them and the product is eh. Have a game you want us to review, drop us a line on our facebook.

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