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Spellbreak, Magic Slinging PvP is Here

Spellbreak is a PvP game where you play as a mage wielding two magics against other players. It was made by Proletariat Inc and released in 2020. Proletariat Inc isn’t very well known as this is their biggest game. But they have shown some impressive skill with Spellbreak and I look forward to where they are going.

What is Spellbreak?

Spellbreak is a multiplayer PvP shooter where you play a mage. And there are two game modes, a Battle Royale and a 9 versus 9 Team Deathmatch. Both game modes are very well made and are very well refined. But both versions function around the core mechanic of how the magics interact. These interactions are varied between each combination, ice magic can freeze poison magic nullifying it entirely. But fire can explode poison into a strong damaging move even if it is frozen. And earth moves in Spellbreak can be imbued with fire to spread fire around, creating hazards.

There’s also a decent amount of customization allowed in the game. It won’t blow you away, but there are various skins available to customize yourself with. It isn’t the most open customization but it allows you to make your account fit you at least a bit.


The Battle Royale

The Battle Royale you carry one magic gauntlet into the match that you can’t get rid of. You can grab a second one around the map as well as grab upgrades like boosted run speed, armor, and total mana. These increase your chances of survival, sometimes giving you an edge over your opponents. Spellbreak has all this happening while a ring closes in, corralling all players into a shrinking arena. This is until one player or group stands above the others like every other Rattle Royale.

Spellbreak doesn’t reinvent the genre, but it does it very well. I am not a fan of Battle Royale games myself, but it has combat so fun and unique that I enjoy playing.


9v9 Team Deathmatch

Spellbreak’s clash mode functions mostly the same as the Battle Royale mode. So you still are being closed in on by the walls of an arena that damages you while outside of it. Bringing one magic in with you, and grabbing others that you find around the map. But that’s where the comparisons stop between these two.

Only 18 players drop, and the match ends when a team reaches a certain number of kills on the enemy team. This version is less stressful when playing solo because of the fact you have team mates. But the team fights are chaotic fun. Magic is flying everywhere, each person trying to eliminate their opponents as quickly as possible. The game mode is probably my favorite and I had a blast with it.


Final thoughts

Spellbreak is a free to play Player versus Player game with Battle Royale and a Team Deathmatch modes. There’s a decent amount of customization available to the player and it isn’t too hard to grind for them. The magic combat is one of my favorite combat systems I’ve played in a while, being simple to learn, but tricky to master. There’s also a light story going on and a battle pass with rewards for free and paid players. This gives you something to work towards. So is it worth it?

Because it’s free, I absolutely recommend this to people who want a new Battle Royale game to play. I would even spend $10 on the game, but that’s where I draw the line with Spellbreak. It is a game that does what it wants to achieve and it does it well. But it doesn’t experiment enough to stand out on it’s own. Instead of asserting itself and making a splash by saying something like “I am Spellbreak! And I am fun!” It comes out from behind the back of fortnite like his meek little cousin. “Hey, want to um… Play a game or two?”.

They absolutely need to make a statement in this saturated genre, give everyone more of a reason to play other than the fun magic system. They have the good start of a great Battle Royale. And I hope they take this chance to make the game stand out more, maybe pay some youtubers to do sponsored videos. Bring in more players, and also add some more stuff to make this game really pop.

Overall its a great and fun game, but if its going to survive like I’d like it to, they absolutely have to do something to help it get a better foothold.

Nathan Lambias
Amateur Writer and Reviewer. I enjoy a wide variety of game genres but my favorites are First Person Shooters, Role-playing games, and occasionally Puzzle games.

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