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Spelunky 2 is everything you wanted in a sequel

Spelunky is an indie rogue game by Mossmouth about delving into caves to gather treasure, avoid traps, and fight enemies. And Spelunky 2 is the sequel of it. You get more enemies, more areas, and especially more challenge.

What is Spelunky 2?

Well like previously stated, it is the sequel to the hit indie game Spelunky that came out in 2008. Spelunky 2 is just as brutal as the original but also adds way more interactions and really expands upon the original. Just like the original you get hit 3 times and you die, that’s it, start over. And the light physics with platforming is also in the sequel. If you fall too far you bounce and take a heart of damage. And mid bounce you can still take damage and lose control of where you land in this trap laden map.

Your whip range has a range of 1 block and one of the ways to damage enemies is by jumping on top of them. But if you get hit, you will be knocked around and that leaves you incredibly prone to death. This makes traversal integral to both survival and the elimination of enemies. If you get too close with the whip or don’t jump high enough, this can kill you easily.

This makes you think about how to approach every situation in Spelunky 2. Do you jump up and hit the bat with the whip to avoid the arrow trap? Or do you toss something in front of it to cause the trap to fire and not hit you? There is usually multiple solutions and it is up to you to respond quickly, precisely, and efficiently.

Spelunky 2

What is new?

The first thing that’s new is the story and characters. You are Ana, the daughter of the main character from the original. She has went to the moon with her pug in search of her parents who went into a new temple and hadn’t returned. Inside she navigates through trap laden paths and fight through a cast of enemies.

Old enemies like bats and snakes obviously make a return in Spelunky 2, but there are new enemies also. Like Moles who burrow through the ground only to pop out in front of you. And my personal nemesis, horned lizards who roll and hit you fairly hard. There are also strong mini bosses at the end of full areas, who will not hesitate to end your run entirely.

There are also new environments, traps, platforms, shop keeps also have minigames. And the most helpful in my opinion, you can ride turkeys. They give you more mobility, can take a hit or two for you, and when killed with fire are cooked. This meal gives you health so before you leave an area you should try to let that happen. There is a lot to Spelunky 2 so take your time and learn what works for you.

Spelunky 2

Online play is here

With the release of this sequel, they expanded multiplayer a bit. In the original there was only local co-op and some challenge modes. But now they expanded that some more. Online multiplayer and PvP challenges that pit you and others against each other.

And in my testing of the multiplayer modes it ran smoothly. The controls were just as responsive and I didn’t drop frames. And the online functions have a very steady stream of players.

Spelunky 2

Final thoughts on Spelunky 2

Spelunky 2 is everything you could want in a sequel. It has new things to spice up gameplay and brings in new players, but it does still cater to returning players. The controls are all around tight and responsive, the game is still tough, and there is more for everyone to enjoy.

Just like the original Eirik Suhrke is the composer and he delivers another amazing soundtrack that I enjoyed a lot. The art style remains the same but with some polish and overall cleaning. The game is very fleshed out and easily worth the $20 USD price tag on steam.

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