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Superhot Mind Control Delete. Time for more.

Superhot Mind Control Delete is the second game to come out for the series. Just like it’s predecessor its more of the same, but with improvements to add replayability. Time only moves when you do just like in the original. So dip through gunfire like the action hero you want to be.

Superhot Mind Control Delete isn’t a true sequel but more of an addon to the original.

Superhot Mind Control Delete Throwing Star

Like the original Superhot

Superhot Mind Control Delete is centered around one word, “More”. More bullets, more enemies, more fun. Slow motion action is the name of the game. If you liked the original then this sequel will fill that need. And while the story takes more of a backseat there are new arenas and challenges to overcome. But don’t worry, there are new additions to the formula to keep it fresh.

What’s new?

Like any good sequel you need to change things up to keep a game interesting and not to bore returning players. So there has been a little sprinkle of rogue-like added to Superhot Mind Control Delete. You now don’t die in one hit but you die after a certain number of hits. This is to counter the new dungeon crawling aspect of the game. Where you traverse rooms and fight in arenas to move forward.

This was an odd shift for me but a welcome one as playing the same level over and over in the original got a bit painful at times when a stray bullet would just barely clip me and end my run. They also added new things called “Hacks”, these are modifiers you can add on to give you an edge over the enemies and overall shits the experience. This added some more flavor that the game needed, more on that later.

They also added some new enemies that you can see if you look at the images in this article. You’ve likely missed them at first glance, but now enemies can be immune to damage in random parts of their bodies. This is indicated by the body being red only on the exposed parts of their body. Sometimes you have to go for legs instead of heads, etc.

Superhot Mind Control Delete Shooting Pistol

What I Enjoyed

What are the best parts of Superhot Mind Control Delete? It’s Superhot, it is more of the game that I spent hours in VR playing. Dodging bullets, throwing knives or ashtrays, slicing bullets, it is addicting. You get this power trip like you’re in the Matrix and you took the red pill. You play Superhot to have fun and it delivers in buckets.

The hacks added some spice to keep the monotony a bit more interesting like this hack that allowed me to summon my katana back to me. Making me feel like I had Mjolnir and that allowed me to do some pretty cool things. But while this game is fun, I’d be remiss to not point out some issues I had with it.

The Issues

Superhot Mind Control Delete adds a lot to the formula and it keeps itself fresh for a while but after a while the game starts to drag. The original suffered from this as well but it especially shines here as you will cycle through the same couple of arenas pretty often. I found myself exhausted of playing the same levels for very long after an hour or two.

Another problem that contributes to the boredom at times is the lack of music a lot of times. While playing most of the noise you will hear is the gunfire and the sound of glass shattering. This made the repetitive levels feel less alive and while that fits the theme of the game it wasn’t to my tastes.

Superhot Mind Control Delete Thrown Sword

Final thoughts

I think Superhot Mind Control Delete is a really fun expansion upon the original and added some more life to the game. While the game still struggles with repetitive gameplay it delivered on everything we wanted, more Superhot. Because of this I was very happy to play this and still am happy to own it. Superhot Mind Control Delete is worth full price to everyone who wanted more high intensity slow motion combat. It is on sale for $24.99 on Epic Games, Steam, Xbox One and Playstation 4.

Nathan Lambias
Amateur Writer and Reviewer. I enjoy a wide variety of game genres but my favorites are First Person Shooters, Role-playing games, and occasionally Puzzle games.

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