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The Blackout Club – 4 Player Co-op Horror

The Blackout Club is a 4 person Co-op Horror game by the publisher Question. Perfect for the upcoming Halloween season, try to survive against an invisible enemy who you can only see by closing your eyes.

What you should know about The Blackout Club

The story of The Blackout Club is done mostly through player interactions. You will learn about it through playing. But what you know is that Children in a small town called Redacre, are waking up with things wrong. Scratches on their bodies, mud on their shoes, and other odd things around that weren’t there before bed. But none of the adults take this seriously, passing it off as forgetfulness. A girl by the name of Isabela kept her phone recording while she slept one night. She found that at night everyone starts, unbeknownst to them, serving some type of cult. The leaders of the cult find out she has evidence, and go after her. But not before she recruits her friends to help her figure out what’s going on and expose it to the rest of the world. But who or what is controlling everyone?

The Voices

The voices are the most important part of The Blackout Club. It’s not clear what the voices are, but they are sentient, powerful, and one is controlling the adults. Each of the 9 voices represents an idea, Vengeance, Rebellion, Dark Humor, and more. But they are not invincible. The Voice of dance known as Dance-For-Us was slain by the Voice of overcoming the most powerful. These voices are not all evil, most in fact are trying to help Redacre. The villains are Hunt-The-Strong and the one taking Redacre known as Speaks-As-One.

Why are these important?

Well the game lets you sacrifice your current experience level to a Voice of your choice. You gain favor with them and possibly start gaining some unique rewards. But these voices are all voiced by real people, and they can join your game at any moment to talk with you. In these moments you can directly affect the story or the game’s currently known lore. Ask the voices questions about the other voices. Do you want the other voices to start working together? Then try to convince them.
What you say and do can influence the story of The Blackout Club for everyone involved.

The Blackout Club

High Profile Dangers

While the two main enemies you’ll deal with are sleepers and lucids, there are more hazards to be aware of. As you gain notoriety the enemies will start laying traps to help them catch you. The speed trap in The Blackout Club is a pylon with lasers that spin around it. If you move too quickly within it’s radius you get zapped, getting stunned and exhausted. Anything chasing you gets a free grab and you wont be able to sprint away. Another trap is the acoustic mine, it creates an area that makes noises when someone enters it. And you cant walk up to it and disable it, it costs a consumable to do that. Any enemies nearby are going to come to investigate and you will be in a tough position. But that’s not all of the dangers in The Blackout Club. There are two that deserve more attention.

The Stalker

The Stalker is a formidable opponent, as it’s the only way to PvP in The Blackout Club. It is a mode anyone can play once they get a stalker dossier item. The Stalker is a kid who is being blackmailed by Speak-as-One for their family’s safety. They join a group’s mission and record their activity. When the players are recorded enough, something worse shows up to grab those kids. They give the enemies live info on the location and dealings of other players. Players have to discern the location of this leak and grab them to keep it from happening anymore. Capturing them unlocks this mode for you as well.

The Blackout Club

The Angel

Also known as The Shape, this is an invisible enemy. The only way to see this entity is to close your eyes, or getting a heads up on the edge of your vision when it’s really close. This is the most dangerous opponent in The Blackout Club, if it is after you, run. He shows up when your team makes too much of an impact in the map. Have you tranquilized a lot of enemies? Narrowly escaped capture? Has a sleeper heard you creeping around too often? The shape is coming. Upon being grabbed you become a lucid until revived. Alerting enemies to your friend’s presence and running when you see them approach you. And if you avoid The Shape for too long, he might get angry.

Angel Mode

Angel mode happens when the shape is angry that you avoided him for too long. He sprouts ghastly wings which enable him to leap higher. He also gains resistance to stuns and moves faster. This mode lasts until he captures his target or until the team avoid him without alerting anyone for a long enough time. This is a serious threat and he will stop at nothing to capture his quarry.

The Blackout Club


The Blackout Club is a phenomenal Co-op Horror game. Easily it is one of my favorite games I’ve played all year. Tensions get high and so many times enemies narrowly missed me or I distracted them just long enough to run. The fun only multiplies with friends to play it with, everyone planning a route and covering sides. But when things start to crumble, everyone has to help each other up to escape. And with a rich and unique lore that I find myself sinking deeper into, its hard for me to complain. I can’t recommend The Blackout Club enough. Grab some friends and help free the adults from Redacre’s song. It’s available for $29.99 on Steam, Playstation, and Xbox One.

Nathan Lambias
Nathan Lambias
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