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The Corsair K70 Firmware Update Struggle


The Corsair K70 Firmware Update Struggle

Corsair K70 Keyboard

After a few hours of searching that spanned a few months, I was finally able to upgrade my Corsair K70 RGB Gaming Keyboard firmware to 2.05. No matter what I tried, soft reset, hard reset, upgrade through iCUE, nothing seemed to work. I would get a failed to update error.

Side note, you have a better chance at buying plutonium than finding the firmware downloads available online.

After some digging though, I found them on the Corsair community forums. I will share the process I took to upgrade the firmware on my K70 RGB Gaming Keyboard.

***You acknowledge the site and author are not responsible for any issues that could come from updating the firmware of your device***
Proceed at your own RISK

Here is the process I used:

  1. iCUE updated to version 3.3.103
  2. Downgraded to firmware 1.30 by downloading it from the link below and applying it through iCUE.
  3. Link to firmware versions on the Corsair forums
  4. Restarted and then upgraded the firmware through iCUE to 2.05
  5. Restarted and checked iCUE to make sure version kept, also did a check of the keyboard itself to make sure it was working as intended.

I hope this works for someone else. I know I spent a considerable amount of time searching for it and I my goal was to not have to contact support.

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