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VtM Bloodhunt – F2P Vampire Battle Royale

Vampire the Masquerade Bloodhunt is a Free to Play Battle Royale released September 7th, 2021. As a part of the famous World of Darkness universe, it keeps true to Vampire the Masquerade. The Developer and Publisher is a new company by the name of Sharkmob. Consisting of developers from the Division and the famous Hitman game series.

Join the Bloodhunt

Bloodhunt is a free to play battle royale game set in the vampire the masquerade universe. You battle in the streets and on the rooftops of modern day Prague. Eliminate the Anarchs and claim victory for the Camarilla. There are guns and items to eliminate any who took to the streets to fight. Bloodhunt takes place in a night in Prague where the Anarchs decide to make a move, summoning the Second Inquisition to the hive of Vampires living in Prague. Your job as a member of the Camarilla is to fight back to remove these people and allow the Second Inquisition to pass by.

Vampire Clans

There are a grand total of 3 Clans and 6 Archetypes as of the time of review, with more planned ahead. The 3 clans available are Brujah, Nosferatu, and the Toreador. Each one has a Clan power, archetype power, and a unique passive. Players should spend time playing with each archetype to find what fits them the most. But each archetype in a clan can be described easily in Bloodhunt. Brujah play in close quarters and are harder to take down. Nosferatu are sneaky and can elude death very efficiently. And Toreador play a more support role, kinda fast and with good abilities to either disrupt enemies or heal allies.


Guns, swords, explosives, oh my

Bloodhunt has a plethora of weaponry to eliminate the second inquisition and the Anarchs throughout Prague. So on rooftops and in stores you can break into, guns lay around for your consumption. There are guns and other weapons for practically every situation. The AK is great for mid rage fighting with a consistent fire rate and a quick reload. But if someone is farther away, tag them with a marksman rifle or a sniper. But maybe the enemy is behind cover or in a corner? Then grab your crossbow with gas bolts or dual wield explosive bolts to bombard them and force them out. And in close quarters nothing is better than a shotgun and a fire axe.

The Masquerade

The Masquerade still has a vital part in Bloodhunt. Civilians still roam the streets of Prague. So if they see you, or you slay them, the masquerade will be broken. When you break the masquerade there’s a punishment. Enemies get alerted to your location for the next 60 seconds, making you easy prey. They can see you through the map and by killing you they can claim your gear and drain your blood for buffs. So be wary, 60 seconds is a lot longer than you think when everyone wants you dead.

The Second Inquisition

There are PvE enemies to eliminate in Bloodhunt in addition to players. But these enemies don’t mess around, they guard High tier loot and can be drained for buffs. These Vampire hunters can withstand your bullets a lot longer than you may expect and dish out a pretty good hurt. But if you can eliminate them fast enough, you have free reign to their weapons stockpile and blood.



Vampire the Masquerade Bloodhunt is a free to play Battle Royale with many different ways to play and win. The vampiric gameplay and powers makes the game feel a lot more fresh and chaotic. I especially enjoy the chaos. In the final circle you can have an all out brawl between 5 different people. And how you use your powers will completely change the flow of battle. The guns are all fun to use and have good and bad times to use them. My personal favorite weapon is the crossbow, where I can use gas bolts to seal off hallways or keep track of enemies by damage markers. Bloodhunt is available on Steam and Playstation 5.

Nathan Lambias
Nathan Lambias
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