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Warframe Gets Another Amazing Update

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Warframe Gets Another Amazing Update

Warframe Protea

What sets Warframe apart from other free games to me is the quality and consistency from the developers. And Deadlock Protocol is another amazing update. They show a clear love the players and the game. And it is this consistency that continues to draw me in even after my six years of play. But with this new update they have changed some stuff from when I started so I decided to hop into the game and see it all for myself. So now is the perfect time for my full review of Warframe.

Warframe’s Beginning

Warframe starts itself of pretty strong. You wake up in a cryopod and immediately being imprisoned by some mutated humans in heavy armor. So it’s time to introduce you to the Grineer, a race of clones that will be your first big opponent. You escape your captors but with a lock that will mind control you unless you remove it. You then go through some tutorial missions, and kill the one who locked you up.

From here you are sort up thrust into a chaotic galaxy with only a little bit of direction. Just take your time, grind out of each world and slowly unlock the solar system. You will gain levels and unlock mods to make yourself more powerful. This is your time to really gain a foothold and understand where you are in Warframe.

This time is the roughest part of Warframe, you aren’t really strong, you don’t have many guns, and most importantly, you don’t have many mods. This doesn’t even mention the fact that the game doesn’t give you any real direction. But to all new players, once you are to Mercury and Mars, the game will really ramp up, just burn through the junctions as fast as possible. And most importantly check your Codex when you can, under the missions tab is where you start story missions. Warframe will give you these goals that have some pretty nice rewards, in addition to giving you some story, so always pay attention.

On your own

Now that you’ve gained some ground, gotten a grasp on the universe around you, there is a lot available to you. From here you can journey to craft new frames, weapons, and so much more. And if you want a more objective oriented game, you can do the story missions. Or are you more of an open world person? Well there are 2 worlds in the game that you can unlock and explore, with their own enemies and items.

Warframe has a little bit of everything for everyone. And a lot of customization too, things to recolor, and alternate costumes, pets, etc. And the one thing that made my experience on Warframe amazing was the community. People are generally ready to help any new players get into it, and to help them grind. With some even gifting new players come good mods to get them started.

What is in Deadlock Protocol?

So you’ve gotten your gear, weapons, and caught up in some story missions. I’d say it’s time to try out the new content. And there is some really cool stuff in this update.

The biggest part of this is how the corpus maps got a revamp from their originals. The maps are bigger, more colorful, and more interesting. Adding thinks like statues of corpus leaders and billboards to liven the originally monotonous layouts. And my personal favorite addition, tubes of a swirling energy to make everything feels less static. It makes the Corpus maps way more enjoyable to be in and way more beautiful to look at.

Warframe Corpus Remaster

The other big part of this update is the new Warframe and I am especially excited for that. Our new Warframe is Protea, and they can manipulate time. But not only can they manipulate time, they also have some gadgets to spice it up.

Protea’s abilities

Protea, like any Warframe, has 4 abilities unique to them. The first of which is Grenade Fan. She throws out 3 grenades in a cone in front of her that do Area of Effect slashing damage. They also stagger enemies if those enemies happen to survive. But you can hold down that ability for a different effect, throwing out 3 shield generators instead. These will give allies inside shields, and even overcharge them.

The second ability is Blaze Artillery. Protea throws out a turret with 6 shots, each enemy hit with this causes the next shot to do more damage. This will do heat damage and the shots are Area of Effect as well. This will hold an area down pretty well.

The third ability, Dispensary, is pretty easy to describe. You throw down a Dispensary that will drop 3 pickups. These pickups are health, ammo, and energy. You can increase the amount of pickups with ability strength as well.

And finally the ultimate ability is called Temporal Anchor. Protea puts down an Temporal Anchor. After putting it down, after 5 seconds or if she gets killed, she rewinds tome to when the anchor was put down. All damage recieved during that time is distributed in an explosion. And all health, ammo, and shields are replenished to when she put down the Anchor. This functions like Tracer’s recall ability in Overwatch with an explosion, so its not too complex.

Warframe Nova Prime
Nova prime in a room.

How is Deadlock Protocol?

I’ve been playing Warframe for years, and I’ve watched the game improve constantly. Frequent updates to the game with more content, changes, fixes, etc. And while Deadlock Protocol isn’t the largest update in Warframe, it is just as good. And the Corpus interiors were in desperate need of an update until now.

So I would say Deadlock Protocol is another great update to Warframe. And I would encourage any new players, or people who haven’t returned in a while, to check it out and hop back in. There’s a whole universe out there just waiting to be explored. And a great community to help you do it.

Nathan Lambias

Amateur Writer and Reviewer. I enjoy a wide variety of game genres but my favorites are First Person Shooters, Role-playing games, and occasionally Puzzle games.

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