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What do we know about Overwatch 2? It’s looking extremely promising.

In 2019, Blizzard announced Overwatch 2, the sequel to its newest IP and it was met with positive reception. When they announced Overwatch people were ecstatic, and it very easily climbed to the top of popular streaming services like twitch. And you can tell that they are really hoping to recapture that same spark with the announcement of Overwatch 2, as you would hope with any sequel.

The popular hero based shooter has received fairly frequent updates, events with special game modes and skins, and other types of support. So it came as a surprise to many when Overwatch 2 was announced and it was very interestingly timed. But despite this timing, people are looking forward to this sequel as it will add an immense amount of content to the game and even I am looking forward to seeing the release.

New Character Designs

One of the first things Blizzard showed from Overwatch 2 was some new Designs and the updated graphics. And I absolutely have to say that Blizzard’s design team was really on point, These designs are absolutely clean and very cool to see.

Both Mercy and Mei’s outfits are very obviously more combat focused than in the first game, and thus it is very easy to tell which ones are newer. Mei’s hair is also longer and Mercy’s is freshly cut to more fit a combat encounter, this is all because of when Overwatch 2 takes place.

More Content

Arguably the biggest improvement is the expansion of the universe and the inclusion of a PvE story. Hopefully this will give some much needed character development and expand the lifetime of Overwatch 2. And overall this is a massive improvement and I am very excited personally.

There are two PvE modes where you have missions where you and up to 3 others choose from 4 heroes that make sense for that mission. For example If Reinhardt was talking about how Pharah is over in Egypt right now, Reinhardt will be playable and Pharah will not. So you will go through these missions as a team and fight against this second wave of Omnics that are attacking.

There will also be customizable skills in Overwatch 2, for example you could make Hanzo’s arrow have a homing feature where it targets enemy’s heads. But these skills are PvE only, meaning you don’t have to worry about Hanzo shooting into your team with a single arrow and taking your whole team out.

The second PvE mode is called “Hero missions” where you can select any hero and go through missions like in story mode. According to blizzard it will be more “Diablo-esque” but we don’t really know what they mean by that specifically. All we really can do is speculate beyond that, and my speculation is that these missions will be a bit more difficult and you will be exploring a large map, fighting Omnics as you complete missions.

Overwatch 2
Still scene from the “Zero Hour” Cinematic Trailer for Overwatch 2

It was also rumored that there will be four new heroes in Overwatch 2, one will be the newest character in the first game; Echo. There was also one confirmed as Sojourn, who is connected to Ana’s backstory but we don’t know much beyond that. The other two heroes are unconfirmed and all we can do is wait and see.

The Rest

At the time of writing, there is no confirmed release date. There was a now deleted tweet from Playstation Brazil’s Twitter account about it being releases on PS4 in 2020 but the likelihood of that is very slim. For now I would wait patiently, and brush up in Overwatch.

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